CHINAPLAS2018 Excellent Equipment– PVC Quick Assembling Board Extrusion Line






This extruder has the advantage of low energy consumption, high capacity, stable material extrusion and long service life.

2、vaccum calibration unit


2.1 Based on the width, the specification for calibration table are: YF300,YF400, YF600..
2.2The calibration table can be move up and down, right and left with electric control. This equipment also has position-limitation device and emergency button device.
2.3The water cooling and calibration system is key part to make sure the plain surface and smooth & shine surface and increase the capacity.
3、haul-off unit 


3.1 Based on the width, the specification for hual-off unit are: YF300,YF400, YF600.. 
3.2 The haul-off unit is directly connect with the motor and has the position-limitation device and emergency button device. The belts both up and down are controlled by frequency invertor.
4、 across-cutter  


This cutter has high efficiency and rapid cutting response. The cutting surface for the product is clean and tidy and no need second time processing.


5.1This stacker is highly automatic and working rapidly, which can also save the labor cost.


6.1 PVC wallboard is extruded from the extruder PVC substrate, and then use the coating unit to make the PVC color film one-time press-coated. Its simple process, pasted by environmentally friendly glue, odorless, non-toxic, no Pollution.

6.2 PVC integrated wallboard density: 0.8-1 ton/m3

6.3 PVC Integrated Wallboard Advantages:

1) Waterproof and moisture proof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are liable to rot and expand and deform after moisture absorption and can be used in an environment where traditional wood products cannot be applied.

2) Prevent insects and termites, effectively eliminate harassment by insects and prolong their service life.

3) Colorful and available in many colors. Not only has natural wood texture and wood texture, but also can be customized according to their own desired color.

4) PVC decorative panels are light in weight, heat-insulating, heat-insulating, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, acid-base resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

5) Stability, dielectric, durable, anti-aging, easy to weld and bond.

6) Flexural strength and impact toughness, high elongation at break.

7) The surface is smooth, bright in color, highly decorative, and has a wide range of decorative applications.

8) The construction process is simple and easy to install.The material uses an environmentally friendly formula that does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, phthalates, and formaldehyde, and is in compliance with EN 14372, EN 649-2011, IEC 62321, and GB 4085-83 standards. The physical indicators and chemical indicators are stable and reliable which can meet international and national standards!F

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