JWELL will participate the plastic exhibition in Thailand

The 30th Thailand International Rubber & plastic exhibition in 2022 will be held in BITEC Convention and Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand from June 22 to 25. In this exhibition, our company will bring many equipment, such as new cone double extruder, medical pipe production line, three roller calender, full-automatic hollow forming machine, etc. among them, the full-automatic hollow forming machine of bkwell company with advanced technology will be started and demonstrated on site. We sincerely invite you to visit the booth (Booth No.: 4A31) of JWELL

e71d1c0b384ecba4db05988a3344bf16 machinery, where you will witness and feel the equipment innovation and service quality of various professional companies of Jinwei machinery, and share the latest research results in the field of extrusion equipment.

Post time: Jun-05-2022
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